Friday, December 06, 2013

Celebrity Death Pool 2013


Celebrity Death Pool 2013

1) List a 15 person roster of celebrities you think will die in 2013. Please don't pick obscure-ass people on deaths door, that's not fun. The group can veto people who nobody has heard of.

2) Scoring - 100 minus the age of the dead celebrity.

3) Bonus points - claim 10 extra points if you are the only person who has the dead guy on their list. 10 bonus points for the first death of the year.

4) Double Points for deaths in December 2013 (double the age points, not the 10 solo points). This will make the game interesting with come-from-behind possibilities.!!

5) Double Points if you have two entries that pass on the same calendar date. The date in the time zone where the death occurred will be the determinant factor.

6) Keep your own score! When someone on your list dies, make a comment here - I'll do my best to keep standings and such, but you (or someone else who picks the same dead celebrity as you)

Last years entries and results:

Firstly the winner of 2012 Celebrity Death Pool was Rob Coulter

 See the original post for more details. (

Second place winner Dean B.

if you believe you should've place higher or in the top please let me know as so many anonymous posts were done. This year PLEASE leave your name with your post.

My picks:
1. Zsa Zsa Gabor
2. Derryn Hinch
3. Kirk Douglas
4. Fidel Castro
5. Stan Lee
6. Doris Day
7. Bob Dole
8. Iggy Pop
9. Jerry Lewis
10. Lindsay Lohan (it's her year she will be 27, 27 club and all)
11. Dick Van Dyke
13. Mickey Rooney
14. Ryan Moloney aka Toadie from Neighbours'
15. Nelson Mandela- FRIDAY 6 DECEMBER 2013

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

★ Elle's Kitchen: ※ Searching For A Gingerbread House Recipe

★ Elle's Kitchen: ※ Searching For A Gingerbread House Recipe: Anybody have a good one? (That's been tried and tested.) I know there are a lot of them online. I'd love to attempt to make one this year a...

Friday, August 03, 2012

Baking Dog. I need one of those.

Just like us. WTF

Breaking Bad Hairdresser

Evil Grimace

Oooh Burn

Great breaking bad T-shirt.

Hi Cunts Panda